About Pam

Hi, I am Pam Barger and have been walking dogs since 2003. A year before, my partner and I adopted a Malamute who was 9 years old. The rescue told us he 'had lots of energy'. I thought they were just trying to reassure us that he wasn't going to keel over as soon as we got him home! But what they meant was--he had lots of energy!! Like a 2 year old, not a 9 year old. It seemed that he had never gotten to be a dog and needed to make up for lost time. So I proceeded to spend long hours at the local dog parks, and decided to start an off leash dog walking group to help other dogs who needed lots of exercise, and for those who just needed to get out of the house when their people had long days at work. Testimonials
"alma has been going with pam for about 10 years. on days when i am working from home and get to witness the experience, i see alma at her absolute happiest when pam is picking her up. pam is a wonderful, caring, responsible dog walker, with so much joy for what she does that we simply couldn't imagine not having her as part of our life." robin k.
'I don't know what I would do without you. I can't give my dog all the attention she deserves and when she is with you I know she is getting loved as much as I love her. you are the equivalent of getting your kid in the best private school, but for a dog'. jody m
"i cannot say enough great things about pam. our standard poodle has enjoyed outings with her for years. our pup is pooped after a day with pam, i only wish he loved me as much as he does her." jeff w.
"...i couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable person to help with our dogs boundless energy. we all know, sometimes it does take a village....and pam seems to be that village all rolled up into one person! absolutely tops." kirby k-l