welcome to copilot dog training! Interested in having a better relationship with your dog? Wondering if you could have a more well mannered pup? Facing behavior challenges that have you concerned? Want to know more about the benefits of getting your puppy off to  a good start? I graduated valedictorian from the seattle school of canine studies class of 2011 and am currently teaching training classes at seattle puppyworks. i have never been more excited about dogs. i understand how important and quite essential positive training is to having a fun, fulfilling and peaceful relationship with the dog in your life. Though i hope to keep learning much more for years to come, i have an understanding of how to help you now using the science of animal learning theory- the way to reach your dog with your brains not your brawn. Help with: chewing problems, barking, separation anxiety, leash walking issues, potty training, problems at the dog park, puppy stuff, jumping up, mouthing, manners, resource guarding, handling issues, counter surfing, coming when called. from the clients 'I wanted to let you know that sandy is doing much better! He stopped being so anxious and has not growled or peed in the house since last week....he is noticably calmer and less barky. Kathy 'Pam, apart from being a puppy that likes to eat whatever he can get his teeth into, the training has been really productive and we are thrilled. He is sitting, coming when called, and way more relaxed around strangers.' Seb 'Leash walks are better. Thank you SO much! We love our little treat bag . Ringo is looking at me and seems more relaxed.' Grace rates:
  • $125  1.5 hour consultation with you and your dog
  • $75 per hour training sessions thereafter